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For people who love lacrosse, the affair is often of the lifelong variety and players who learned the sport when they're young often keep playing. Once they become adults. There are countless men's lacrosse tournaments and women's lacrosse tournaments all across the country.

Our adult lacrosse tournament directory breaks out from our main tournament directory those events that are specifically targeted towards adult players.

Adult lacrosse players make up a highly desirable demographic within the lacrosse tournament industry. For a start they tend to be more mobile than children. They own, things like cars and credit cards and can book their own hotel rooms wherever they please. For this reason, adult lacrosse tournaments are often held in quite exotic locations, like Las Vegas, Miami or Lake Placid, NY.

Some adult tournaments, of course, are tacked on to more traditional youth tournaments, providing for fun event for all the family. Others cater to the twenty-something crowd of post-collegiate players and may not be a good fit for the older players with kids.

When researching men's lacrosse tournaments and women's lacrosse tournaments, it's very important to pay attention to competition level. While some events cater to the recreational player, others are really quite competitive, so it's important to make sure you enter a division that matches your own level of play.

Some of the more competitive divisions feature former college players and sometimes even former professionals, so if your team of enthusiastic but out of shape amateurs comes up against that level of talent things could get pretty ugly quite quickly.

Adult lacrosse tournaments are often of the small sided variety since finding 20 or 24 able-bodied players for a physical game like lacrosse can often be quite a challenge once you reach your 40s.

Here then is our state-by-state directory of men's and women's lacrosse tournaments. The states are listed alphabetically and each listing offers the ability to click through the link for more detailed information about each specific event. As always, you can use our search function if you're looking for a specific event.

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  • Stick With It! 7v7 Women's Turkey Shoot


  • Vail Lacrosse Shootout


  • Bump & Grind Miami Lacrosse Tournament



New York


  • Las Vegas Lacrosse Showcase


  • Colleluori Classic - Adult


If you are a tournament director of a Mens lacrosse tournament or Women's lacrosse tournament, your event should be listed here. If it isn't, you can easily fix that by filling out our lacrosse tournament submission form. If you can send us a logo, too, and a brief description of the event, we'll get you listed right away.

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