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Lacrosse Tournament Marketing Programs

Basic Listing

Our Basic Listings are FREE and look like this. Basic listings include information about names, locations, dates, age groups, format, competition level and cost. They may also include a logo and a brief description but do not include phone numbers, links to websites or email addresses (a contact form is used instead of a live email address).

For tournament directors looking for a little more than a basic listing there are a number of programs that we offer, each one meeting different needs and marketing goals.

Premium Listing

Advertising Program

Email Marketing

Social Media

Premium Listing

The simplest way to upgrade is with our Premium Listing service. For a low flat fee of $97, all we do is take the basic listing and add contact information so that visitors can reach out directly from our site to the tournament director, either by email, phone or my clicking directly over to the tournament's own website.

If you're looking for a system that is more track-able, we can do that, too, simply by directing your contact links to a contact form that you can easily monitor not only to count how many inquiries you receive, but how many of those inquiries eventually lead to sign ups.

We can also add social media links so that visitors can click over to your Facebook page or follow you on Twitter if your tournament has that kind of social media presence (see below, if it doesn't).

Advertising Banners

If branding and name recognition are important goals, our soccer tournament advertising program may be the way to go. An attractive banner or "block" ad, appropriately placed on just the pages your target market is browsing is a terrific way to attract attention to your event and traffic to your website.

Email Marketing

Every day, coashes, team mangers and parents reach out to us looking for information about soccer tournaments. Many of them specifcally ask us to send them information via a double opt-in email confirmation. Many more sign up for our Tournament Alerts email newsletter. We can segment these requests by state, region, gender, age group, etc. and offer tournament directors a chance to email these people information about their specific tournaments, either with specific emails to segments of the list, or with ad placements within the Tournament Alerts newsletter. Click here for more information.

Social Media

Finally, it's no secret that Social Media is becoming increasingly important as a means of building engagement and customer loyalty online. A number of our clients have asked us to help them in this area so we have introduced a brand new social media marketing program that is specifically designed for lacrosse tournaments.

If you would like one of our tournament marketing experts to contact you, they will be more than happy to help you to design the right program for your tournament, please email us or give us a call at (508) 888-1502.

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