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Good Tourney

I would give it a 4 out of 5 because there was good competition but a lot of the parents on the madlax u13 orange team thought when they vs. my son`s team that they had many kids that were not eligible for this tournament because of our size. A lot of us were annoyed with them because we beat them 6-1 and again in the championship by a good margin. Also the fields were nit in a great location because you would have to watch out for horse manure. If they held it at the Maryland Soccerplex it would have been a lot better. The only problem with that was that it was one of the hottest weekend of the summer. Where our hotel was it was in a good location due to that we were near a huge shopping mall which was nice. But it was annoying having games from mid afternoon to the early evening. Due to that I am from New Jersey we did not get home till 9:30. But all in all it was a good tournament.

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