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Many players, both male and female, dream of playing college lacrosse when they finish high school, and who could blame them. Some of the most exciting lacrosse anywhere is being played at the collegiate level and the sport is booming with almost 700 men's and women's programs operating across the United States alone.

But while college lacrosse is booming, the explosion in the number of youth and high school lacrosse programs means that competition for places on college teams, and particularly for college scholarships, has never been greater

A whole industry of lacrosse tournaments and recruiting events has sprung up to ease the recruitment process for both players and coaches alike. Many a run by college coaches themselves and often offer much more than just a lacrosse tournament but an entire college athletics education experience.

Some recruitment tournaments are merely part of a larger tournament that also caters to younger players. Others are specifically geared towards juniors, seniors and rising sophomores. Each player needs to decide which type of college recruitment tournaments would work best for them.

Other recruitment events combine a lacrosse camp with a lacrosse tournament experience offering not just an event for players to showcase their talents in game situations, but also clinics and instruction, often times delivered by NCAA coaches themselves. We have an entire section on lacrosse camps elsewhere in this site.

Our college lacrosse recruitment tournament listings are organized on a state-by-state basis with each state listed alphabetically. Click on the listed links to find out more information about specific events, including tournament reviews and hotel information for the area.

In addition to these tournament listings, we have a selection of stories about college lacrosse, the recruitment process and general issues you should know about if you're pursuing a college athletic career. We'll be adding to these as time goes on in the hope that we can become a valuable resource for both players and parents can view the stories at the bottom of the page.

Meanwhile, here is our directory of college lacrosse recruitment tournaments. And you're looking for a specific event, feel free to use our seach function to help you find it.

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If you are a tournament director of a college lacrosse recruiting tournament, your event should be listed here. If it isn't, you can easily fix that by filling out our lacrosse tournament submission form. If you can send us a logo, too, and a brief description of the event, we'll get you listed right away.

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